Ethiopia: 120 000 Attend CITA Crusade

25 May 2023


On May 19-21, CITA missionaries from Ukraine, in cooperation with local churches and ministers, held a large-scale evangelistic crusade in Ethiopian city Shone.

The program of the trip included conferences for leaders, pastors and their families, eye clinic, visits to a hospital, prison and a newly-planted church in one of the regions of Ethiopia. The Ukrainian team also visited Tanzania with the aim of further cooperation.


“We did not expect so many people to come. Those were not only Shone residents who joined the gathering but also people from neighboring cities and villages. Part of them covered a long way, looking for a place to stay in Shone for all days of the crusade.”


“We experienced God’s grace in action. We heard many testimonies about healing and liberation; so many people came up to repent and accept Jesus Christ that there was not enough room for them near the platform. We were feeling God’s power, joy was filling our hearts, we experienced the atmosphere of heaven! I would like to thank God as well as all those who prayed for the event,” said Taras Sen’, the director of Christ is the Answer ministries and crusade speaker.

Another ministry of Ukrainian missionaries while in Ethiopia


The ministers held eye clinics for local residents in Shone. 1 200 people, including the Muslim, received glasses as a gift.


A family conference on family relationships and raising children gathered two hundred local ministers.


When addressing inmates in a prison, the missionaries emphasized that not all things which happen in human life constitute God’s plan as suffering often comes through sin which has consequences. So, they asked them to repent. Also, 700 people received hygiene items and blankets.


Ukrainian missionaries visited Alaba Kulito, a city in southern Ethiopia with more than 90% of Muslim population. A graduate from CITA missionary school in Addis Ababa planted a church, gathering 12 Christians, there.


The missionaries provided food parcels for the needy in Shone.

Taras Sen’ taught demonology to students of the second missionary school in Addis Ababa, in particular what unclean spirits are mentioned in the Bible, how they invade people, and how to cast them out.


The team of Ukrainian missionaries visited one of CITA churches in Ethiopia to encourage the congregation. Taras Sen’ shared the biblical teaching and blessed a child: “I have prayed the prayer of dedication for children many times, but this is the first time when I did it for an African child,” said Taras.


The ministers prayed for healing at a hospital.

The trip to Ethiopia ended with a visit to Tanzania to meet local ministers there.


The Christ is the Answer international ministries has been developing its ministry in Ethiopia since 2021. It has opened a media department, churches and missionary center there, and also held six crusades in different cities of the country.

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