Easter flashmob from CITA: participants and results

18 April 2023

During the week of April 10-16, a flashmob was held in honor of Christ’s Resurrection, organized by the Christ is the Answer ministries (CITA). Eight churches and missions, as well as ten people, took part in the event.

According to the organizers, the goal of the flash mob was to tell about the biblical meaning of the Resurrection of Christ by joining the efforts of religious organizations and Christians, thus supporting the Ukrainian people during the war.

The participants of the flashmob were churches, missions and Christians from Ukraine, Ethiopia and Cambodia:

Cities of Refuge Church (Zaporizhzhia), Nova Odesa Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Mykolaiv Oblast), Bethany Church (Mykolaiv), Christ is the Answer Church (Rivne), Bread of Life(Ternopil), Source of Life Church (Kyiv Oblast), CITA Church and Missionary Center in Ethiopia, Missionaries of the Christ is the Answer from southern, western and eastern regions of Ukraine, CITA employees, a Christian children’s shelter in Cambodia (Battambang province) headed by missionary Yevhen Evva.

As a result, on social networks the event had almost 900 likes, about 55 comments, more than 20 shares, more than 7.5 thousand views and playbacks of the participants’ videos.
“Such events are a convenient way to combine greetings with the holiday under a single hashtag, so that people can see what is happening in different churches, also similar flash mobs contribute to the unity of Christians and strengthen the voice of the church in a certain message”, – shared the CITA missionary from Zaporizhzhia Ivan.

“Such events are worth doing, they can attract more people to a good cause, increase the recognition of churches in cities, help to talk about eternal values ​​to people – we, as a church, carry light. I recall a campaign called “Visit Grandma” held by CITA ministries before, when we were able to reach 500 lonely elderly people and bring them joy. I hope to take part in similar events together with other churches in spreading the Good News through good deeds,” said Andriy, a missionary from Ternopil.

The Christ is the Answer ministries is engaged in spreading the Good News in Ukraine and abroad, including through charity.

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