CITA to hold its ninth crusade in Ethiopia

6 February 2024

On February 15-18, a team of Ukrainian missionaries, together with ministers from local churches, will hold the ninth large-scale evangelistic campaign in Chuko, Ethiopia. 


“This time, after praying together with the ministers about the venue for the next crusade, God pointed to the town of Chuko, where we expect God’s power to be manifested in people’s repentance, healing, and deliverance from demonic influence. We want to inspire Christians to do missionary work. We are expecting up to 100 thousand participants,” said CITA director and event speaker Taras Sen.    

During the trip, Ukrainian missionaries will traditionally hold pastoral and family conferences. According to Taras Sen, in order to improve the quality of pastoral care, he will raise issues about the responsibilities of pastors and the dangers they may face in their ministry.    

The program also includes a family conference for ministers, an eye clinic for local residents, a charity event to help the needy, and the distribution of an evangelistic newspaper in the Amharic language. 

Prior to the cruise, Taras Sen will visit two daughter churches of Christ is the Answer, and hold a couples’ meeting in one of them. After the crusade, he will teach at CITA’s mission school in Addis Ababa.   

CITA’s eighth crusade was held in Herar in December 2023, and previously in Dire Dawa, Shone, Sodo, Dilla, Hosaina, Durame, and Shinshicho.

The ministry has been serving in Ethiopia since 2021.

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