CITA preaches through YouTube in different languages

15 August 2023

The international Christ is the Answer ministries has created YouTube channels to preach the Gospel to different nations in Amkhar, Polish, Hindi, Mongolian, English and Ukrainian.


“Our main goal is to spread the Gospel and make activities of the Ministries known in order to encourage people to join our ministry. Apart from our current platforms, we plan to create a channel in Spanish,” share Denys Horbachevskyi, who is responsible for the media ministry.


The media department in Ethiopia runs Christ is the Answer Mission Ethiopia YouTube channel. They spread media products – songs of Christian performers and sermons of Taras Sen’ about God’s love – in the Makhar language.


Christ is the Answer PL is another platform established with the view to popularizing the Bible. The ministries translate its programs – 5 Minutes for God and Minute of Truth – in Polish.


The missionaries have created The Answer is in Christ channel for India. They have already posted a new Nepalese evangelical song Ananta Prem (Eternal Love) there. The ministers also explain the biblical view of family in the Hindi language.

Spiritual issues are raised also in the Mongolian language. For this purpose, the CITA media team opened a Sain Medee – pastor Taras Sentai Khamt (Good News with Pastor Taras Sen’) channel.
Staff of the media department in Ukraine share about activities of the ministries in English and Ukrainian through YouTube channel Christ is the Answer Ministries.


“Your Answer” is a platform to post videos in Ukrainian on help to the Ukrainian people and CITA activities. Audio Bible, sayings of renown people about God and TV programs are also posted there.
Missionaries of the international Christ is the Answer ministries serve in 19 countries using various resources.

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