CITA missionary serves in the villages of Kharkiv region

7 March 2024

In the hinterland of Kharkiv region, missionary and pastor of Christ Is the Answer Church Serhiy Tiurikov serves people by constantly holding evangelistic and charity events. 


Natalivka, Yelenivka, Myrne, Sorokove, Volodymyrivka, Matviivka, Dmytrivka, Sinne, Stepne, Ivanosheychyne, Sukhany, Havryshy, Skosohorivka, Chervona Niva, Viktorivka, Kyiany, Khrushcheva Mykytivka… This is only an incomplete list of local villages where missionaries and volunteers from the Kharkiv region travel. 


According to the missionary, twice a year young people from the Rivne region come to her church to help them hold services for children and youth, distribute Christian newspapers and calendars, bring humanitarian aid to the elderly and disabled, pray for the sick, and take care of all those who have suffered from the war and are displaced.


Every week, a local church, pastored by a CITA missionary, holds a service with refreshments, games and Bible study for children and teenagers from non-Christian families, and in the summer, a sports field in a pine forest. 


The youth from the Rivne region are also helping with the expansion of the prayer house, which is being prepared for a kitchen, bathrooms, and technical rooms.  

According to the missionary, this is necessary because every day in the church there is a prayer for Ukraine and the soldiers of the Armed Forces, and every week there is an analysis of the Word of God, spiritual counseling by the pastor.      


During his active ministry in the villages, the missionary meets addicts who agree to the process of recovery. In February, the missionary took one man to a rehabilitation center in the Poltava region. The man is now working and occasionally thanks the missionary for his help through his mentors.


The Christ is the Answer Ministry was established to preach the Gospel using various evangelistic tools. In Ukraine, the Ministry works in the Western, Eastern and Southern regions.   

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