CITA Missionary participated in a prayer breakfast

5 May 2023

On May 3, prison chaplain and missionary of the international ministries Christ is the Answer, Hennadyi Holota, took part in the Second Prayer Breakfast of the State Criminal Executive Service “Prayer that Unites” in Kyiv.

CITA Missionary participated in a prayer breakfast

The event was held at the initiative of the Deputy Minister of Justice, Olena Vysotska, and the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Christian Mission “Spiritual and Charitable Care in Places of Detention,” Viacheslav Kohut.


According to Hennadyi, he and his wife have been serving people in places of detention in Mykolaiv region for 15 years. During this time, they have shared the Gospel not only with prisoners but also with the heads of local penitentiary institutions. The opportunity to invite some of them to this event will facilitate effective cooperation between missionaries and local colonies and prisons in the future.

At the same time, Hennadyi was able to meet with the heads of penitentiary institutions from different regions of Ukraine to share their experience of working with prisoners in the future.


One of the guests of the prayer breakfast was the Minister of Justice, Denis Malyuska, who joined in prayer for Ukraine and those affected by the war. Representatives of the State Criminal Executive Service (SCES) and chaplains also prayed.

The director of the International Association of Prison Ministry, Andy Corley, delivered a speech. One of his main themes was that Jesus Christ is the one who gives freedom to prisoners and gives them a chance to start a new life.


Hennadyi Holota was awarded a letter of gratitude signed by Olena Vysotska and Viacheslav Kohut for fruitful cooperation in the field of criminal punishment execution, and for his significant contribution to the development and support of penitentiary institutions in Ukraine.
Chaplaincy ministry in prisons is one of the areas of social work of the mission.

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