CITA: Missionaries take an active part in community life

27 September 2023

The missionaries of Christ Is the Answer International Ministry (CITA) in the southern and western regions of Ukraine are actively involved in the life of the community through prayer events and creative ideas.  


In Mykolaiv, missionary Hennadiy Holota took part in a prayer meeting for the unity of Ukraine, which was held on Chestnut Square in the city center. The event was attended by about a hundred residents and guests of Mykolaiv. Among them were representatives of various denominations, including Protestant and Catholic. 

For the first time, a regional prayer service was held in Nova Odesa, Mykolaiv region, attended by representatives of 15 churches, including CITA pastor and missionary Viktor Pavlyshyn. 

They prayed for Ukraine, healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit, church unity and new born from above. 


Tetiana Vasenda, an artist and wife of a CITA missionary, paints shell casings in her art studio. Tania’s goal is to make something beautiful out of the ugly. 

She gives her unusual products to volunteers who sell them to the public and use the proceeds to help those in need. 

One of the tubes painted by Tania was sold at an auction in Sweden for 16 thousand hryvnias.

The CITA Ministry was established to preach the Gospel in Ukraine and abroad through various means. CITA missionaries are working in 19 countries. 

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