CITA missionaries share the Gospel in Ukraine and abroad (June)

4 July 2023

Missionaries of the Christ is the Answer ministries use different tools to share the Good News in Ukraine, Ethiopia and India. Review of the work of the ministers in June.


The new ministry Step Closer to Church was launched for women who fled the occupied territories in Zaporizhzhia. These meetings are aimed at enabling women to express their pain before God and compassionate people.
“God is on the move, and we are very thankful that the women have got open, some of them cry, saying they don’t understand what is going on with them because they considered themselves to be strong before. But when The Holy Spirit acts, it moves every heart. We’ll continue doing this,” say the missionaries.


Missionaries held another children’s club, this time in a local park in Zaporizhzhia. They say this is an opportunity to attract new children to the club.

Mykolaiv region


Local missionaries distributed more than 7 thousand food parcels to city and village residents. They also held a sports event for children in the village of Mykhailivka.


Victims of the flood resulting from the terrorist attack of the Russian troops received a pump and power generator, gas burners, rubber shoes, dozens of kilos of vegetables and fruits. The funds were raised by churches of the Slavic community of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.
Missionaries started the course Way of a Convict for ten inmates at Correctional Facility 72. The 8-class course was developed based on the Gospel of Luke by the International Prison Ministry.

Western region

In Ternopil, a missionary coordinator of the CITA Center of Printed Produce received another 110 thousand issue of the evangelistic newspaper Christ is the Answer to be distributed in different regions of Ukraine.
Missionaries admit that the printed newspaper is an effective instrument to share the Gospel as people, upon reading it, often ask for spiritual consultation and come to a church gathering.


In Rivne, missionaries organized an event for children on Father’s Day. In addition to the uplifted atmosphere, games, entertainment, awards, Christian music, God’s Word about salvation was heard. We pray that the seeds of the Gospel bear their fruit in their time,” shared the missionaries.


In Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region, missionaries of the Western region organized a camp for 60 people, including internally displaced people from Bakhmut, Kadiyivka, Luhansk region, and Kharkiv.



14 students of the CITA missionary center in Addis Ababa graduated after three months of training. This is the second cohort of students graduating from the school.


As of today, the Christ is the Answer has opened seven churches in Ethiopia. The first church was set up last March. The first graduates of the CITA missionary school opened six churches in different regions of Ethiopia, including Muslin cities, with support of the ministries.


In JUne, 27 people got baptized by immersion and made their covenant with the Lord.



The Christ is the Answer ministries printed the first evangelistic leaflet in India in three languages – Hindi and English, which are state languages, and Nepal. Leaflets in Bengalese and language of Adivasi tribe are about to be printed.
CITA uses different outreach instruments to preach the Gospel through its missionaries and work in several continents.

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