CITA missionaries share about ministry in the regions of Ukraine

6 December 2022

Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Rivne, Kharkiv region, Kyiv region, Donetsk region: at the regular meeting of Christ is the Answer employees, missionaries shared about serving people in the cities of Ukraine.


“We managed to distribute food in a village near Lyman, where people have been without gas and electricity for eight months. We shared the testimony of God’s glory in the church of the city of Kramatorsk, and handed over several packages of medicine to them”, – say missionaries from Kyiv who serve in the East of Ukraine.


The Kyiv team also visited the village of Mala Tokmachka and the city of Orihiv in the Zaporizhzhia region with the preaching of the Gospel and humanitarian aid, where the entire infrastructure has been bombed, and people are forced to live in basements and have food due to volunteers.


At the local church in Zaporizhzhia, SMM specialist of the Ministries Maryna Poltavets held a seminar for missionaries and their teams on using social networks to invite people to church services: “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of people,” said Jesus. Today we can “catch” people through social networks. The workshop was about how to be a letter of Christ, and in modern terms – His message, and speak so that people could hear. Everyone was actively involved in the learning process, despite the power outages. It was nice to see that the very next day participants’ personal pages in social networks “came to life”. And during the week, the ministers created a church page in social networks with interesting and diverse content about community life.”


In Rivne, missionaries continue to conduct eye clinics for town residents and TDPs almost every week. Each participant receives glasses as a gift and hears the Good News.


Before the winter holidays, we had printed ten thousand boxes for sweet gifts for children with a Christmas message. Churches can order such boxes, missionaries say.

A missionary from the Kharkiv region has shared that the air defense system works near their community from time to time, so sometimes “the ground shakes”, but not a single piece of debris fell on the residential area. The number of people in the local church, where he serves as a pastor, has increased significantly.

“We helped a large family from Zaporizhzhia, bought groceries and a microwave oven. And most importantly, we hugged them and let them feel God’s love for us. We also had our fourth charity trip to Chernihiv. We took the products to the volunteer center where 2-3 teams that actively serve people in the city and region stop every week. 16 families were also given mattresses,” said a missionary from the Kyiv region.


In Zaporizhzhia, the missionary team received Bibles and spiritual literature for the children’s Christian club ministry and for Sunday church services at a local church.

A missionary from Mykolaiv noted that after the liberation of Kherson, shelling in the city decreased significantly: “It was quiet for three nights in a row.” He continues to visit prisons, hospices and hospitals with humanitarian aid and the Gospel.


Missionaries from New Odesa, in the Mykolaiv region, held an outreach event in one of the villages, and also conduct a children’s church service in the village of Dilnyche every week.

All missionaries in the regions distribute humanitarian aid to the needy, lonely, elderly and widows.


Traditionally, during a general meeting with the missionaries, the director of the Mission, Taras Sen, gives instructions to the ministers. This time it was about the necessity of a personal relationship with God: “If we are faithful in what God has already given us and focus on Him, He gives new opportunities and opens the necessary doors. It is important not only to be where God sent us, but also to say and do what He commanded. It is our responsibility as ministers to be in God’s presence and hear His voice to understand what God expects of us. And also to perform the work to which we are called with dignity.”

The Christ is the Answer team meetings are held monthly.

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