CITA Missionaries Serve the Needy at a Camp in the Carpathians

20 January 2023

Missionaries of the Christ is the Answer ministries, along with ministers of the same-names Rivne church arranged a retreat for around 50 people, including orphans and children from poor families, in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region) from January 9 to January 14.


For orphans and children from poor families the retreat was for free. Also this time, three free tickets were drawn at children’s and youth clubs organized by the Christ is the Answer church. Children who attended classes regularly took part in a raffle and got the opportunity to have rest in the Carpathians.
Some of them visited the Ukrainian Carpathians for the first time, so their delight knew no bounds. Everyone remembered the excursions that took place every day. The children visited the trails of Dovbush, visited the Bukovel ski resort twice, saw the Huk and Probiy waterfalls, the town of Yaremche.


The little ones liked the private zoo and the dinosaur park. The willing ones could have a good rest in traditional Carpathian baths and vats.


“Not everyone can afford to see the beauty of the green pearl of Ukraine. I am very glad that the Christ is the Answer gave my family such an opportunity. Our vacation was filled with a spiritual atmosphere. I wanted to spend more time with God in prayer. Educational topics were discussed at the gatherings: it was especially interesting to hear about the principles of family happiness. For young people, and there were a lot of them, they talked about the dangers of tattoos, the occult, and bad habits. I noticed that the boys and girls made the right conclusions for themselves,” shared Rita Kondratiuk, medical registrar from Rivne, her impression.
Every day there were general meetings, where the pastor and director of the Mission, Taras Sen, together with the ministers of the church, talked about the importance of reading the Bible, the dangers of the occult, and family relationships. People were interested and asked many questions. Taras Sen shared how one woman decided not to read horoscopes anymore when she heard the truth about a dangerous hobby.


“We had almost no free time. But we used every minute to our advantage: attended meetings, went on excursions, talked, and helped one another. There was a friendly atmosphere. Each excursion and communication contributed to our recovery and spiritual enrichment,” said Lidiya Cheryomushkina, a pensioner from Rivne.
A family meeting was held in a cozy, homely atmosphere. Participants chatted, discussed important and practical topics, enjoyed dinner and had rest for their body and soul. As the listeners said, even unmarried people liked the topic and many practical things can be used for future family life.
The Christ is the Answer ministries has been organizing trips to the Carpathians for almost 6 years on the basis of the church of the same name. For orphans and low-income families the retreat is free every time. The purpose of such trips is recreation and spiritual enrichment of the participants.


CITA press center based on the materials of the press center of the Christ is the Answer church “(Rivne).

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