CITA missionaries opened children’s clubs in Zaporizhzhia

14 November 2022

In Zaporizhzhia, the Christ is the answer missionaries have opened three clubs for children and teenagers from low-income families.
The ministries continue to serve during the war to displaced persons and people who remained in the war zone in the East, West and South of Ukraine. Keep reading for October review of the missionaries’ work.


Three children’s clubs for the poor have been created in the poor districts of Zaporizhzhia, where children of all ages have lunch, do school homework together with CITA missionaries, have fun playing games and having contests, and study the Bible in an interesting way using the Superbooks program.
Missionaries say that, first of all, they would like to make friends with children and help them to know about God’s love:


“The purpose of such meetings is to make friends with children of different ages. In the future, we will divide them according to different age groups – children, teenagers and young people. On the basis of such clubs, we plan to create Bible study groups, involving children and their parents in Sunday church services in the city. Unfortunately, in connection with the mass shelling of Zaporizhzhya, the number of children at the clubs temporarily decreased, but the meetings still take place, and the children bring their friends.”
The team of CITA missionaries in Zaporizhzhia has grown: two missionary families moved from Western Ukraine to help in this city.

East of Ukraine


Missionaries evacuated several disabled people from Gulyaipole, in the Zaporizhzhia region, at the request of the head of the city council.


Residents of this city, as well as residents of other villages of the region, have received food packages and heard the Gospel.

Food distribution


Missionaries in Zaporizhzhia, in addition to children’s clubs, minister in tents where they pray for people and distribute Christian literature. This time they were joined by an evangelistic team from Kyiv. They regularly distribute hot food to homeless and poor people on the street. More than 100 people come for such events.


A team of missionaries from Kyiv with humanitarian aid went to Donbas, to the liberated Lyman. People received food packages, medicine, Christian literature and heard the Gospel.

West of Ukraine


New Christian billboards from CITA appeared on the streets of the cities of Rivne and Ostroh with a call to pray for Ukrainian soldiers and reminding the townspeople about the only way of salvation – Jesus Christ.


The Christ is the Answer missionaries of the western region of the country conduct eye clinics almost every week, including in a penal colony of the Rivne region. People give thanks not only for free glasses and doctor’s consultation, but also for the Word of God they hear at eye clinics and the good attitude towards them.

Another edition of the All-Ukrainian Christian newspaper with 130,000 copies has been printed to be distributed across Ukraine among missionaries, churches and volunteers.

It is noteworthy that this outreach tool is still relevant, especially among older people. Missionaries say that they receive calls from people, who found their contact details in the newspaper, with a request to pray and to find answers to urgent questions. Through spiritual consultations, people were freed from suicide attempts, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and came to churches.

South of Ukraine


Humanitarian aid from the USA arrived in Mykolaiv. The Christ is the Answer ministries distribute the most necessary things in hospitals, hospices, prisons, to elderly and needy people of the city.
This spring, the Grace church in Knoxville, Tennessee, with the support of CITA in the USA, collected the most necessary things for Ukrainians affected by the war: food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, things for children, medical kits.

Children’s ministry South


Every week, the Nova Odesa team of CITA missionaries conducts children’s clubs in Mykolaiv and the region. And also visits lonely, disabled, elderly people with food packages and medicines in villages where there is a humanitarian crisis and which are difficult to reach. They are often the only hope for survival for residents of remote villages.
The ministries have been operating since 2014.

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