CITA missionaries met online

25 March 2024

On March 22, the Christ Is the Answer missionaries met again online to share the results of their work in the regions.  


Mykolaiv, Rivne, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Ternopil – missionaries continue to minister to people in cities and villages. 

They are holding children’s events, preparing for summer camps, and visiting a retirement home in the Mykolaiv region. 

In Rivne the missionaries are preparing people for water baptism, preaching on the streets in tents, and conducting eye clinics. 


The media department of the ministry in Rivne has developed an Easter Advent calendar: the first copies were given as gifts to the ministry staff. The next issue of the newspaper “Christ is the Answer” is being prepared for printing before the Easter celebration.  

Traditionally, the CITA ministries director, Taras Sen, shared his spiritual guidance with the staff. 

Based on Psalm 84, he said: “The person who has strength in God is the one who has experienced that he or she lacks strength in himself or herself, who has repeatedly experienced God’s strength when he or she turned to God when tired and received renewal from Him.” 

The director emphasized the importance of distinguishing between God’s desires and our own desires, so that the spiritual prevails over the mental in decision making: “We do not always want to go where God leads, but it is important that we distinguish between the spiritual and the soul, so that we are not ruled by the soul. God is not in the emotions and ambitions of the soul; He speaks to our souls through the Spirit. When a person’s heart is directed to God as described in the Psalm, before he draws conclusions and makes decisions, he enters into the presence of God. Such a person will have understanding from God”. 

The director is sure that a person who crosses the “valleys of weeping” opens the springs, that is, receives an anointing from God to open a ministry so that many people can be filled, like from a spring, with the blessings of a particular gift.

Finally, he urged us to ask God for a greater breakthrough in ministry, for growth in the knowledge of Him, for renewal, and to learn to see mistakes as a certain experience. 

“God gives knowledge and wisdom, opens doors, leads us forward and wants to keep doing this,” he said.

The Zaporizhzhia ministers shared how they are serving in the city: “We conduct an Alpha course for immigrants, home groups, encourage them to attend meetings, and communicate with parents during children’s clubs. We feed the needy on the streets, pray with them, hold eye clinics and distribute humanitarian aid.

The Ternopil missionary shared that the local ministry team has expanded and now works in four directions. He emphasized the importance of ministering to the military in the hospital and the sufficient number of chaplains to develop this area. 

The Ternopil missionary and coordinator of the printed materials department also noted that the latest edition of the ministry’s Christian newspaper, with 100,000 copies, has already been sent to the regions of Ukraine upon request.    

In the Kharkiv region, the missionary team continues to distribute aid (food, clothing, medical supplies) to people affected by the war, especially in the border areas. 

A local missionary and pastor is planning an eye clinic for these people and is looking for a doctor.  

At the gathering, the whole Ukraine ministry team joined in prayer for a Mykolaiv missionary who is currently in the hospital. 

Missionary meetings are held online every month, and every year CITA missionaries meet offline at a conference in the Carpathian Mountains for a vacation together. 

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