CITA missionaries held Christmas events in the regions of Ukraine

29 December 2023

Christ Is the Answer missionaries in the Eastern, Western and Southern regions of Ukraine held Christmas events, distributed gifts to children and helped those in need.  

CITA ministers from Southern Ukraine celebrated Christmas with children in Nova Odesa and Mykhailivka village, Mykolaiv region.


A performance of the Christmas story, a Christmas cartoon from “Superbook”, themed crafts, a sweet holiday table and gifts with goodies were part of the program of the missionaries’ meetings.  

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“It is very important to organize such events! We remind the children and ourselves what the true meaning of Christmas is. Because everything in the world is distorted, and it is good to say that there is truth – we have been given the greatest gift – Jesus Christ, our Savior. We, as servants, want Christ to be born in the heart of every child,” said Inna Titova, a missionary and children’s minister from the Mykolaiv region. 


In Mykolaiv and the region in Novodanylivka, Voznesensk, Yuzhnoukrainsk, the missionary family of Gennady and Alyona Golota traditionally visited regional colonies, a drug treatment center, a children’s hospital, and a military hospital, where they greeted the staff with Christmas.   

Due to the large number of people, the missionaries prepared the gifts two weeks before the holiday.  


Humanitarian aid, evangelistic newspapers, calendars and Bibles were also distributed to the sick and wounded. 

“People thanked God and were happy to be visited by the church. Such events are one of the opportunities to greet unbelievers and tell them about Jesus Christ,” said Alyona Golota, a missionary from Mykolaiv. 


In a church in Mykolaiv, missionaries performed a Christmas play together with teenagers.


Andriy Vasenda, a missionary from Ternopil, said that his local church held a Christmas party for 50 children, including children from non-Christian families. They also visited and greeted about 20 children aged 5 to 14 whose parents died in the war.


In addition, the Ternopil pastors visited low-income and large families.

“Through these visits to children and families, we wanted to pay attention to and communicate with each of them,” said Andriy.  

In the Kharkiv region, Sunday school children from the local church in Murafa organized a Christmas party with poems and songs together with children from non-Christian families. 

Missionary Serhiy Tyurikov said they invited all current church members, as well as those who have fallen away and those who have come at least once, to a Christmas meeting at the church.


The mission team organized a delicious lunch – a festive plov. And the children received sweet presents. Serhiy shared that people felt a family atmosphere that made everyone happy. They also played a social game. 


The CITA missionary team from Zaporizhzhia held a Christmas concert for the children and performed a Christmas story with them. 


“On Christmas Eve, in the morning, we held a prayer breakfast on the street for more than forty people, including homeless, displaced and low-income citizens of Zaporizhzhia. Together we prayed for Ukraine and God’s protection, greeted people, told them Bible stories and invited them to the church service,” said missionary Ihor Pimenov. 


Missionaries from Zaporizhzhia sent Christmas gifts to a correctional facility in the Dnipro region: food, themed newspapers and glasses. 


A youth ministry led by CITA missionaries organized street evangelism on Christmas Day, sharing the meaning of Christmas through songs. 


A festive children’s club for about 30 children was also held in Zaporizhzhia. 


While the children participated in fun games, the missionary team held a master class for their mothers on how to make Christmas decorations. 


In Rivne, the regional missionaries fed the needy on the streets, held a celebration in the local church and visited people in difficult circumstances. 


The Rivne ministers said that on Christmas Day the team distributed about 15,000 Christmas-themed newspapers in the city.

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