CITA missionaries have finished Chaplaincy School in Kyiv

13 March 2023

On March 7-9, 2023, missionaries of the Christ is the Answer underwent a training in chaplaincy organized by the Ukrainian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and received certificates of army chaplains.


Missionaries Oleksiy and Andriy from Zaporizhzhia, who often take humanitarian aid to the warzone, say that, though they used to serve civilians, now they can work with the army servicemen.


“I joined the training to learn how to work with the wounded in army hospitals. Ministry to families of servicemen is an indispensable part of ministry to servicemen. For this reason, we help families of the military who are in the frontline in different ways. We have received certificates of chaplains which enable us to freely come to hospitals, military units and prisons,” shared Andriy, a missionary from Ternopil.


A missionary family from Mykolaiv, Hennadie and Olena Holota have been serving as chaplains in military units, hospitals and prisons since 2014. However, they attended the school to improve their qualifications and renew certificates of chaplains.
Prior to the war, the missionaries visited military units in the Mykolaiv region to preach the Gospel to soldiers and talk to them twice a week. “We would not be let in without certificates of chaplains and preliminary training to work with this category,” says Olena.


A special manual was issued for the Chaplaincy School. It will become a good instrument for self-education of army priests.
The course included a number of professional topics such as Tactics and Peculiarities of Army Chaplain’s Conduct, as well as specific “Service of Death Notices and Funeral Procedure”, “Conduct in Captivity,” etc.


Besides, while training, the chaplains practiced using tactical medicine techniques under NATA standards, in particular they were learning to stop bleeding and provide first aid to the wounded.

Missionaries of the Christ is the Answer minister in Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine.

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