CITA Missionaries Arranged Christmas Events in Ukraine and Abroad

16 January 2023

Christmas time is a time to talk about the true essence of the holiday and an occasion to show God’s love by helping those in need. Christ is the Answer missionaries held Christmas events in the regions of Ukraine, Ethiopia and Nepal.



In the city and eight villages of the Zaporizhzhia region, children’s clubs organized by CITA missionaries held Christmas outreach events with a large-scale theatrical performance. After the festive program, children received sweet gifts, and their parents – food packages. In total, it was possible to cover about 450 people.

“What do I notice in the ministry? Children become closer to the Lord, even those who previously resisted prayed to God during the worship,” shared the missionary of the region.



The Christ is the Answer church in Rivne held a Christmas celebration for town residents and TDPs. Missionaries say that people were thankful for the good mood, the story about the birth of Christ, positive emotions, interesting games, contests. Children were delighted with sweets, gifts and a Bible cartoon.



Missionaries of the Southern Region visited patients in the AIDS Center, children’s oncology, as well as prisoners in the city’s detention center with the Gospel, Christmas songs, gifts and humanitarian aid.

In the Bethany church, the missionaries, as ministers of the community, prepared and took part in a Christmas performance about the victory of good over evil, which was also shown in the villages of the region. In one of the villages, an outreach event gathered about a hundred children.

“We saw that thanks to this event, the children forgot about the war – everyone was filled with joy,” the missionaries said.



During the Christmas holiday in the city, a team of missionaries and volunteers at the base of the Bread of Life church held a children’s event for 60 temporarily displaced children and from low-income families. The program included games, a Christmas story and gifts.

Together with a team of volunteers from the USA, the missionaries visited ten low-income families for joint prayer and communication. People received food packages and gifts. The long-term experience of the Ternopil team in serving people who are in difficult life circumstances was useful to foreign ministers.


The missionaries shared that their visit became an “anchor of hope” for one family of TDPs from Kherson, because they received support and encouragement. And for now, they themselves organized a home gathering for “their own people”.



The Christ is the Answer Church in Addis Ababa also celebrated Christmas. A theatrical performance, thematic sermon and a sweet table in honor of the birth of Jesus.



Local CITA missionaries said that in this Southeast country, Christians celebrate Christmas with a program in turn at each other’s homes . They see this holiday as an opportunity to tell about Christ to all the Hindus they know, whom they invite to their home for the celebration.

“Many of the guests heard about the meaning of Christmas for the first time and got to know Christians better. Some guests changed their opinion about evangelical believers for the better. At the end of the holiday, as a rule, a dinner is served to the guests, which is very important, because for Nepalese food is of great importance,” the missionaries from Nepal shared.

The Christ is the Answer international ministries spread the Good News with the help of various tools of the Gospel, cooperating with ministers and churches of Ukraine and the world.

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