CITA Missionaries Arrange Outreach Events For Those Affected By War

3 June 2022

In Kyiv, Rivne, Kharkiv and Khmelnytskyi regions, CITA missionaries, in cooperation with local churches, hold outreach events for people affected by the war continuing to live in their cities, as well as for internally displaced people.

Dmytro Kosak, an emigrant from the USA and evangelist, visited Ukraine to support IDPs from different regions of the country temporarily residing in Rivne, and tell them about God’s love in Jesus Christ.
His journey began in a small town in the state of New York, continued in Krakow, Poland, where, together with CITA missionaries, he arranged for humanitarian aid to be transported to Ukraine.


And the final stage of the charity trip was a two-day outreach event in Rivne for 400 IDPs with the distribution of food packages at the Christ is the Answer church.


“This is the greatest privilege for a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit to go to the ends of the earth on the Commission of Jesus Christ, telling people about Jesus. This is my third trip this year, including to Ukraine. I am glad that many people came to the church service and that God knocked on the hearts of several of them and they accepted Jesus as their Lord,” shared evangelist Dmytro Kosak.


At the same time, the Christ is the Answer missionaries, at the Rivne church of the same name, conduct eye clinics for the TDPs and local residents, the main purpose of which is to preach the Gospel. The Good News was heard by several hundred TDPs due to such charitable clinics.

“Not everyone now has the opportunity to check their eyesight and get high-quality medical consultation and to buy glasses for themselves. Thank you very much!” shared Inna, who came to the charity event.


A CITA missionary from the East of Ukraine, temporarily residing in the West of the country, together with the local church in Kamianets-Podilskyi, organizes weekly outreach events for the IDPs in the Khmelnitsky region. One such event can be attended by 50 people on average. People hear God’s Word, have the opportunity to socialize and pray together, receive financial assistance.


In the Kharkiv region, the pastor of the church in Murafa and a CITA missionary conducts weekly outreach events for the TDPs from Kharkiv. There were 200 people at one of the street outreach event.

The Christ is the Answer missionaries of the Kyiv region visit Irpin, Bucha and the villages around Kyiv on a regular basis. They pray with the victims, comfort them, and help them with food and medicine.


“In the Kyiv region, people who we communicate with have got over the initial shock from the war, but they share that they often have nightmares about the horrors of war, and are overwhelmed by their painful memories. For two months of ministering in each location, we have people with whom we manage to build up relationships, and not just bring humanitarian aid. We are planning a joint outdoor recreation with children from these towns and villages,” shared the CITA minister.

The activities of the Christ is the Answer Ministries are aimed at spreading the Good News: all projects and departments of the Ministries work for the purpose of outreach. In partnership with other churches or organizations, the Ministries conducts various evangelistic campaigns (both one-time and regular events).

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