CITA Ministry to hold crusade in Ethiopia 

8 December 2023

From December 11 to 17, Ukrainian missionaries of CITA, together with local churches in Ethiopia, will hold a regular evangelistic cruise in the city of Harar, as well as a number of charity events for pastors and people in this country’s region. 

This is the eighth time that CITA has organized such events in Harar.

The massive event will include seminars and a family conference for pastors and ministers, as well as charity eye clinics for the local people, with at least a thousand participants.    

“The crusade will be held in the Muslim city of Harar, where five years ago extremists killed more than 300 Christians and the uprising was put down by the Ethiopian army. 

Preparations for the event have been underway for months. In addition to advertising in the city itself, the pastors first prepared the area spiritually – they held joint prayers and fasts. 

The peculiarity of Harar is that khat, a narcotic leaf, is grown and actively used in this region. It is chewed by everyone, from the young to the old. Therefore, I think there are many demonized people under its influence. 

At the crusade, we are expecting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that people will accept Christ, be healed of diseases and be delivered from unclean spirits. I also hope that we can inspire local pastors to preach the Gospel and start family conferences in their churches, which we traditionally hold during our trips to Ethiopia,” said Taras Sen, director of the ministry and speaker at the crusade.

In October, the seventh crusade was held in Dire Dawa, and in May, the sixth crusade was held in Shona. And even earlier – in the towns of Sodo, Dilla, Hasanna, Durami and Shinshicho.

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