CITA: Ministry helps local church get media coverage

11 September 2023

With the support of the International Ministry Christ Is The Answer (CITA), the evangelistic and educational materials of the “Christ Is The Answer” church are regularly published in the print media of Rivne.

“Rivniany” is a magazine of successful people. Published since 2013, it aims to introduce Rivne residents to outstanding people, interest them in creative projects, and inspire them to new creative heights.   

One issue featured the photo of CITA Ministry director and “Christ is the Answer” church pastor Taras Sen on the cover. The issue was about his many years of charity work. The editors called him “a man who, in such a difficult time, continues to bring victory closer and does much for the good of Rivne and the whole country.

“I am sincerely grateful to God and the “OGO” publishing house for many years of collaboration. We have the opportunity to publish articles about the activities of the International Ministry “Christ Is the Answer” (CITA); as well as testimonies, sermons and news from the life of the church in a reputable Rivne magazine,” Taras Volodymyrovych shared on his Facebook page.


In the Rakurs-Rivne newspaper, the Rivne local church publishes monthly materials about its life and activities in a whole-page section called “The Spiritual Point of View”. The newspaper is informative and entertaining and is published weekly with a circulation of 9,500 copies. 

One of the goals of CITA Ministry is to enable ministers, including those in churches, to devote their lives and time to serving God by providing them with the necessary tools and support in their work.

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