CITA Ministry begins in Papua New Guinea

3 May 2024

The international ministry of “Christ Is the Answer” began with helping to feed children at one of the church’s Sunday schools in Papua New Guinea. 


“The people there live in poverty and have many needs. But the Gospel is reaching them. We are helping children. Soon the ministry of eye clinics for the local people will start,” said Taras Sen, director of the Ministries. 

Back in 2020, Papua New Guinea declared itself a Christian nation.

Prime Minister James Marape said New Guinea has more than 20 different Christian denominations, with Catholics leading with 27 percent, Lutherans 19.5 percent, United Church 11.5 percent and Seventh-day Adventists 10 percent.

“The influence of the Church over the years has led to the transformation of society throughout the country, even replacing some cultural beliefs, while part of society has combined culture with religion. These Christian churches also provide 60-80% of the social and humanitarian services in the country. The majority of people trust the churches,” he emphasized.

As of the beginning of May, Christ Is the Answer Ministry is working in 22 countries.

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