CITA international activities in March

10 April 2024

Gospel programs on national television in Mongolia and eye clinics in two countries: details of Christ is the Answer’s international activities in March are presented below.

CITA’s charity eye clinics are held high in the mountains, where Indian tribes still live and are difficult to reach.

A volunteer from Honduras conducted an eye clinic for the Lenca Indian tribe in the village of Palablanca.


The people were happy to receive eye exams and glasses, as they have no medical care. Many of them turned to God.

In addition to the glasses, they received New Testaments.


In El Salvador, in the town of El Coyote, Ministry volunteers held an eye clinic for about 50 people, 35 of whom received glasses.

According to the ministers, the purpose of this clinic was to invite Christians close to the church and thus increase the number of members. Many were happy because the participants will now be able to read the Bible better, as it is usually written in very small print.


The charity eye clinic was also held in one of the regions of Uzbekistan where such events had not been held before. It was attended by 10 people who received an eye examination and glasses as a gift.

With the support of the international ministry “Christ is the Answer”, the Christian program “Good News” has been broadcast twice a week on national television in Mongolia for the second year.


According to Mongolian ministers, these programs help people grow in faith and bring salvation to those who do not yet know God, making them a real blessing for Mongolians.

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your efforts to spread the Gospel in our country. The “Good News” program, led by Pastor Taras Sen, serves as a powerful tool to share the deep love of Jesus and encourage people to surrender their lives to God. Filled with wisdom and revelation based on Scripture, the program has a significant impact on our society,” said Daniel, a minister from Mongolia.

Christ is the Answer International Ministry serves in more than 20 countries with more than 100 missionaries and volunteers.

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