CITA Expands Frontiers for Evangelism

20 June 2022

The Christ the Answer ministries continue to spread the Good News around the world. Uzbekistan has become another country where, due to the support of the Ministries, people felt the Gospel through a charity eye clinic. And now people in Poland can hear God’s word in their native language on the new YouTube channel of the ministries. CITA also continues to serve in Ethiopia and Cambodia.

It’s the first time the eye clinic ministry from the Christ is the Answer ministries has taken off in Uzbekistan. Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tatars, Koreans and Russians came to receive free medical care and glasses. They heard the Gospel, some of them accepted Jesus Christ.
Local ministers are happy and thankful that they have an effective tool to reach out to the people, the eye clinic.


The CITA ministries has a YouTube channel in the Polish language now. Several materials have already been translated, including the program called “How to Hear the Voice of God?”
“God, by His grace, expands the boundaries of our ministry. We serve different peoples, and the Polish people also want to do something good, because they helped our people very much during the war. I thank the Polish people for all the good they have done for Ukrainians,” said Ministries Director Taras Sen.
Back in the winter, churches in Poland in various cities received more than 10 tents with Christian inscriptions in Polish from the Ministries. Due to the war in Ukraine, local churches were able to start using tents for outreach events only in the summer, when the flow of refugees to Europe decreased significantly.
“There is no more important message than the Gospel, there is no more important thing on earth than salvation of people. We would like zealous Christians in Poland to use tents for the glory of God and the salvation of people. Thank God for expanding boundaries in ministry! Glory to Jesus Christ! ”- commented the Director of the Ministries.

More than 90% of the population of this country in Southeast Asia are Buddhists. According to Cambodian missionary Yevhen Yevva, the Good News can be spread freely here, the Khmers are open to accepting “another god”, but consciously acknowledging Jesus Christ as the only God requires at least two years of work with a new convert. One of the tools of the gospel used by missionary Yevhen is free eye clinics:
Thanks to the Christ is the Answer ministries, our evangelistic eye clinic in Cambodia has resumed. In the city of Kampot in southern Cambodia, an eye clinic has been conducted for two days in a local church. All these people live near the church and know about Christians, but do not attend church: business, worries, no time. And thanks to this ministry, it became possible to invite them to the church. And some of them responded after the event, got interested and expressed their desire to come to church for the service. It is our job to sow, and only God knows what kind of soil the grain will fall into!”
Christian calendars in the Khmer language are also distributed in prisons, schools, churches and on the streets of the country. The first edition is 10 thousand pieces.

In early June, near the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian CITA ministries conducted eye clinics, giving glasses to the local people and providing them with the opportunity to check their eyesight. More than 160 people heard the Gospel, some of them accepting Jesus Christ.


In addition, the CITA Missionary Team in Ethiopia arranges street outreach events, serves people in tents distributing literature and praying for them, having church services, and helping the poor with food packages.
To spread the Good News in Ethiopia, the local media department published a new edition of evangelical newspapers in the Amharic language.
The Christ is the Answer international ministries works with ministers and churches in Ukraine, Poland, the United States, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Kenya, and Nepal.

The Press Center of the Christ is the Answer Ministries.

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