CITA director guest on New Christian TV program

4 January 2024

In December, Christ Is the Answer Ministry Director Taras Sen was invited to participate in the “Answers” program on the New Christian TV channel.


In the interview with the host, Taras Sen spoke about the 2015 Luhansk captivity, the street tent ministry, and the thematic billboards that the ministry uses, especially in the Rivne region. He also spoke about his spiritual life and obedience to God, and how obedience to Him helps him in his daily life and ministry. 

He shared his views on the Church of our time:

“There is a lot of emotionalism in churches today, even in sermons, pastors say what they want, forgetting that they are not masters in the churches, but only senior servants. The church is not theirs, but God’s, and the pastor has no right to selectively take biblical truths at will. He has been appointed to speak the whole truth, so that no one will perish, and he will be held accountable to God”.

He stressed the importance of the Church’s presence in the secular media:

“In the secular media, there is a presence of everyone from sorcerers to perverts, except the Church. It is the same with advertising in the media: you can find psychological counseling, dental services, etc… the question is: where is pastoral counseling? Christians need to leave their houses of worship and start influencing society using such a powerful tool as the media.”  

The guest of the program discussed with the host the causes of the war in Ukraine:

“There are two main reasons for war: the devil rises, as in the days of David, and secondly, in most of Israel’s wars, God took away His protection because of sins. I believe that in today’s war, Russia is 100% wrong, Ukraine is not the most sinful country in the world, and third, whatever the reason, God has clearly said that if people humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their sinful ways, He will help. This is the message we are giving on the billboards. 

Finally, Mr. Taras spoke about the international activities of Christ is the Answer, especially in Ethiopia.

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