CITA charity events in Ethiopia and Latin America  

7 November 2023

Helding eye clinics, helping the needy and planting new churches: Christ Is The Answer International Ministry continues to spread the Gospel in Ethiopia, El Salvador and Honduras.

El Salvador

The CITA Ministry visited this country for the first time in the summer of 2023. A team of Ukrainian missionaries shared their experience in conducting charity eye clinics. Since then, local pastors have continued the good work with the support of the Ministry. 


“We held an eye clinic in the village of El Socorro, which is very far from the city, in the mountains of our country, where you can only get there by ATV. People there are very poor. 

We took the Word of God to the people and gave them eyeglasses, which was a great blessing. Some people still can’t read, but we are planning to start a ministry to help them learn to read the Bible,” said Fernando, the Ministry’s volunteer in El Salvador.


In this country, more than half of the population lives below the poverty line. That is why the charity eye clinics are such a great help to them. 


Local ministers held an eye clinic for hundreds of people at a fellowship church in Puerto Cortes. In addition to the services of an ophthalmologist and free eyeglasses, participants heard the Gospel and received a Christian calendar in Spanish.

Clinic organizers say such events help reach people with the Gospel.


During the CITA crusade in the Muslim city of Dire Dawa, 1200 people received free eye exams and glasses at an eye clinic held by the International Ministry “Christ is the Answer” over three days. Many Muslims and Orthodox Christians attended. 


“At the charity medical event, I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel twice and call for repentance. I was amazed that many people responded to God’s calling. We also distributed “Christ is the Answer” newspapers published by the ministry in the local language. This event was covered on television, raising the profile of the evangelical churches in the region. It was the first time the ministry of the Mission was featured in the Muslim news,” said Taras Sen, speaker at the event and director of CITA. 


Ukrainian CITA missionaries visited southern Ethiopia, Omo region, where Mursi and Tsamai tribes live. The missionaries brought food to feed 100 families and preached Christ to them.  

In this region, graduates of the “Christ is the Answer” missionary school in Addis Ababa have planted four churches. 

The school held its third graduation ceremony at the end of October.

“For three months, 14 brothers were preparing to start new churches. I also had an opportunity to share God’s teaching with students for several days. We talked about demonology: how evil spirits come in, why they don’t always come out, how they come back, how to cast them out, what are the spirits, what are the signs of demonization, how to keep freedom, pastoral work with dismissed people. I also talked about the work of the mission in 20 countries around the world, congratulated the students for joining the big team of the “Christ is the Answer” Ministry,” – said Taras Sen.


All graduates are ready to start new churches, some of them are ready to go to Muslim regions.

CITA has planted 15 “Christ Is The Answer” daughter churches overseas.

CITA Ministry Press Center.

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