CITA accomplished: calendars in different languages ​​and a new eye clinic

6 March 2023

The printed materials of the Christ is the Answer ministries – calendars – have been prepared for the residents of Uzbekistan, Mexico, Guatemala and Cambodia in their native languages ​​since the beginning of the year. The first eye clinic was held in Pakistan.


“God gave the opportunity to the Christ is the Answer ministries to print calendars with the word of God for Uzbekistan. There are many restrictions for Christians in this Muslim country, so it is not so easy to serve there. But the churches function to the extent and as much as they can. Ministers from Uzbekistan said that the calendars are easy to distribute, because people willingly take them. And this gives an opportunity to talk about God”, – shared the director of the Christ is the Answer ministries, Taras Sen.


10,000 calendars were printed in Spanish to be distributed in Mexico. Three thousand calendars were prepared for Guatemala.


10,000 calendars in the Khmer language were distributed in local schools in one of the provinces of Cambodia.


The ministry of eye clinics has started in Pakistan. The first charity event gathered about 70 people who had an ophthalmologist’s consultation and got glasses as a gift, and also heard the Gospel.

The Christ is the Answer ministries works in Ukraine and more than 15 countries around the world.

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