Christ is the Answer missionaries teach Alpha Course to IDPs (Feedback)

15 March 2024

The world-renowned program that covers the essentials of the Christian faith, the Alpha Course, has become an integral part of the training of new believers in Zaporizhzhia. The course is conducted by Christ is the Answer missionaries. The participants shared their impressions.  


“Even before the course itself, my team and I held thematic meetings and events for IDPs from the Zaporizhzhia region, inviting everyone to attend. We are now working with the second group. In total, we have been able to reach about 50 people with this course. We chose the Alpha course as an accessible way to introduce people to practical Christianity and as an opportunity to allow people to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere,” said missionary Andriy Kovalenko, co-organizer of the course. 

Among the 15 proposed topics for the course: “Who is Jesus?”, “How and why should I pray?”, “Who is the Holy Spirit?”, “How can I best live my life?”, “What is the church?”, etc. 


According to the women who participated in the Alpha Course, the training enriched them spiritually; they found God, themselves, each other, and God’s love in Jesus Christ, and felt relief and acceptance. 

“I liked the atmosphere of the classes, the new acquaintances, the attention, the very kind people. I became spiritually richer and experienced positive emotions. I am very grateful to the organizers of the Alpha course,” said Yevheniya from Berdiansk. 

“During the course we found God, love, kindness, and each other. I would like everyone to come to the Alpha Course to learn more about God. The peculiarity of this course for me was that I found myself, learned about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. As soon as I started studying the Alpha Course, I realized that God always wanted to be with me and love me and guide me through life, but I did not understand it. It is only now that I understand this and that God’s love is the most precious thing,” said Larysa from Orikhiv. 

“During these classes I felt as if a concrete slab had been removed from me – I felt an incredible relief and a state of acceptance,” said Lidiya from Berdiansk.   


CITA missionaries in Zaporizhzhia say that the Alpha Course is gaining popularity among participants: one participant invited five more of her friends after the first meeting. 

The organizers hope that this course will help the new believers become firmly established in Christ and successfully begin their Christian journey, for which they are praying. 

Christ is the Answer Ministry uses all available resources and evangelistic tools to preach the Gospel, including the Alpha Course, Superbook, tents, printed materials, etc. 

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