Christ is the Answer Ministry has released a new game for married couples

3 June 2024

The media department of Christ is the Answer Ministry continues to develop Christian resources for various ministries. This time a game called “Questions for Couples” was released.


According to the developers, the goal of the game is to improve and deepen the relationship between husband and wife.

The game is intended for those who are already married. The box contains 100 questions and 20 tasks. The questions are divided into two blocks: mental and spiritual. Players take turns asking each other questions and answering as honestly and openly as possible. The tasks are designed to help the family spend quality time together and become even closer.

The developers offer some additional tips to help you discuss issues with your loved ones:

– Be honest and open with one another.

– Listen to one another with empathy.

– Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

– Pray together for your family relationship.

“Modern times pose serious challenges to the institution of the family. Sadly, we see a disappointing trend where the number of divorces is many times higher than the number of marriages. Frankly speaking, many families do not communicate with each other on a regular basis, which leads to misunderstandings and, as a result, the destruction of family relationships. So we developed this game and hope that it will become a good resource in family ministry. We have seen this ministry develop successfully in many churches. Accordingly, the organizers can use the game also at thematic meetings,” said Vitaliy Tkhoruk, the game’s developer.

Previously, the Ministry’s media department released the games “Communication Questions,” “Bible Questions,” and “Bible Alias.”

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