Christ is the Answer Ministry continues to serve in Asian countries

9 July 2024

In Vietnam, local volunteers conducted free eye clinics and the Ministry printed evangelistic booklets in three languages for Nepal and India.

очна клініка у В'єтнамі

According to the pastor of Light of Hope Church in Vietnam, they conducted the eye clinic in several formats. The first was at a Sunday meeting, where all new Christian converts received a medical consultation and a pair of glasses as a gift. 

The second format – church members offered their neighbors and friends the opportunity to take advantage of the clinic and pick out their own pair of glasses as a gift. Another option was to offer glasses to passersby during street evangelism in Zao District, Quang Ning Province.  

Parents of drug addicted students also received glasses. 

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According to the pastor, the church was able to reach 400 people with the eyeglasses the first time they held the campaign, and 700 people the second time. 

In cooperation with other churches, an eye clinic was also held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

It is a great comfort to the volunteers that people who live in mountainous areas have been able to get eyeglasses and now read the Scriptures without hindrance because they either do not have enough money to buy eyeglasses or there is no such product for sale.    


Hindi, Nepali and English. These are the languages in which the Ministry has printed Christian booklets to spread the Gospel in India and Nepal.  

“Some of our missionaries work in dangerous regions where persecution of Christians is common. One of our missionaries is taking the Gospel to one such region in India where 4 missionaries were recently burned to death. I urge everyone to pray for persecuted Christians, including the missionaries of Christ is the Answer Ministry,” Taras Sen, the ministry’s director, shared on his Facebook page.  

The Ministry also continues its work in Latin America and Ethiopia.  

CITA’s ministries cover more than 20 countries around the world. 

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