Charity eye clinics help people from around the world hear the Gospel

19 July 2022

People in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Cambodia and Uzbekistan have the opportunity to hear the Good News through free eye clinics, to be consulted by an ophthalmologist, and to receive glasses as a gift due to the Christ is the Answer ministries.


“From the age of 40, a person needs an ophthalmologist’s consultation. Older people need glasses. It is a life necessity, and we offer what people need. Some of them are happy not so much about the glasses, but about the doctor’s services: there is no need to make an appointment and stand in lines. In wealthy countries, perhaps eye clinics would not work. But if we are talking about developing countries, not everyone can afford glasses and the services of a doctor, so this method is effective and relevant for them,” shared Taras Sen, director of the Christ is the Answer ministries.

As of today, 11 charitable eye clinics operate in Ukraine in various cities and villages of the region. For example, in Rivne, such events are held every week for TDPs and residents of the city. One such clinic can cover up to 90 people. IDPs learn about the possibility of receiving humanitarian aid through the clinics.


There are four eye clinics in this Horn of Africa country.

It is worth noting that it is better to go to countries where Islam is practiced, not with the preaching of the Gospel as such, but through medical assistance such as eye clinics.


According to the CITA missionaries, a year ago in Ethiopia, the local government of a Muslim city allowed the activities of Christians precisely after the eye clinic was held, although before that Christians were forbidden to work in this area. Later, churches began to be founded there.


According to Yurbal Mulatu, minister of the missionary center in Addis Ababa, at the last eye clinic in July, two families accepted Jesus Christ and have already attended the Sunday meeting. During the crusades in Ethiopia in 2021 and early 2022, many Muslims came to eye clinics where they heard the Gospel and received Christian newspapers and calendars.

As missionary Evgheny Yevva noted, eye clinics are conducted in Cambodian prisons, as well as through local pastors in churches for both non-believers and believers, that is, for everyone who needs glasses.
During the eye clinics, as a rule, the pastor of the local church preaches, and the team distributes Christian tracts along with the glasses:
“Of course, I am interested in the result. For example, out of 30 people who were at the eye clinic, 2-3 people came to the church. This is already a result.


Another positive thing is that through such events, the status of the church increases and the attitude towards Christians changes.
In general, eye clinics are effective: the last time we held an event in one of the churches for two days, a lot of people came. And then I found out that after the clinic, some people returned to the meeting after a break, and some of the new converts began to come regularly to the church service.”

The ministry of eye clinics in Uzbekistan started for the first time in May. Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tatars, Koreans and Russians came to get free help and glasses. They heard the Gospel, some accepted Jesus Christ.

About the benefits of eye clinics.


According to Ministries’ ministers, this tool is important for several reasons.

Health care has always been and remains an important issue in the life of everyone. People regard eye clinics as a good thing, are always grateful, and tell others about this opportunity. A positive impression about the church is made in this or that area.
The Gospel is preached during eye clinics. There are many cases when people accepted Jesus Christ. Those who come to clinics, seeing that the organizers treat them well, can open up to them, talk about other problems, and ask for a prayer.
Conducting eye clinics unites and ignites the church itself. Many people in Ukraine, Africa, and other countries come to the church for the first time in their lives thanks to eye clinics.

Otherwise, people would not come, for example, because of their own prejudices and fears, but they go for glasses. This approach helps them to overcome a certain barrier and come to the church service next time.


Also, during eye clinics, ministers can talk about other activities of the church and invite them to meetings.

Eye clinics as a tool of outreach in the Christ is the Answer ministries were started by Taras Sen in the Luhansk region ten years ago.
Today, the Ministries cooperate with various denominations and religious associations. In 2021, 50 eye clinics were held in Ukraine, reaching more than 3,500 people; in Ethiopia, 1,500 people, including Muslims, were covered by eye clinics during evangelistic crusades in the spring and autumn. In Cambodia, more than 80 people received help through such events.

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