A year of war: results of the Christ is the Answer international ministries

9 March 2023

The full-scale war of russia against Ukraine adjusted the activities of the Christ is the Answer (CITA) international ministries, but the priority remained the same – the preaching of the Gospel through various tools to help people. The Ministries summed up the work for 2022.

The focus of CITA missionaries is on needy people, especially in remote areas of the regions – the poor, widows, orphans, the elderly and people with disabilities, who became even more in need because of the war. TDPs have also been added to the categories of people who missionaries serve to on regular basis.

“Last year for the Ministries, as well as for many in Ukraine, was difficult because of the war. But on the other hand, we saw many blessings. In particular, new opportunities have opened up to help Ukrainians: ministry to displaced persons, evacuation, distribution of food packages in war zones. Because of the war, I ended up in Poland, where I met ministers who helped me get to other countries, which expanded the activities of CITA. For us, 2022 has become the year of open doors – we have entered the countries of Asia and Latin America with charitable and spiritual projects”, – shared the director of the Mission, Taras Sen.

In Ukraine, missionaries had more than 10,000 meetings, clubs, personal conversations and more than 1,100 outreach events, including street evangelism and eye clinics, distributed almost 900,000 evangelistic newspapers and about 140,000 Christian calendars. We had almost 40 trips to the combat zone and evacuated about 500 people.

On March 1 last year, the War Relief Fund was launched in Ukraine.

Since spring, a food warehouse for humanitarian aid has been operating in Rivne on the basis of the Christ is the Answer church, from where food packages are sent to war zones and displaced persons.

In the first months of the war, missionaries in the western region of Ukraine (Rivne, Ternopil) and in the Kharkiv region received hundreds of displaced persons and helped them to settle for long-term residence or to move abroad.

During the year, the Ministries lost two of its own churches in the Luhansk region: in Rubizhne, the church building and missionary center “City of Praise” were bombed, and the fate of a church, purchased in February 2022, remains unknown in the temporarily occupied Svatovo.

For those affected by the war, CITA held a Food&Hope campaign to raise funds for food packages.

In support of the Ukrainian people, missionary, Christian author and performer Andriy Vasenda released the second album “We have to fight”.


Two large-scale evangelistic crusades were held in the cities of Hassana (March) and Dilla (December). Each of them gathered 100 thousand people. During the spring event, the missionary team opened the Christ is the Answer church and missionary center in Addis Ababa. In December, the first water baptism took place, and the first missionary school was held in winter.

For the first time, an evangelistic newspaper in the Oromo language (the second most popular in the country) was published.


The missionary team visited India to support the missionaries who opened a missionary school in September. In December, there was a graduation and the media department was opened, 10,000 calendars were printed in English and Hindi.

The ministries continues to support the orphanage.

The evangelistic program called the Christ is the Answer (presenter – director of CITA Taras Sen) was broadcast on the country’s national television.

Latin America
For the first time, the CITA missionary team from Ukraine visited Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras – they established relations with local ministers and churches, conducted educational seminars to make evangelization more effective.

In this country, CITA continues to support the Zamu mission, which works with children and youth under the Happy&Holy program.

Food packages were received by poor people in Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Bangladesh, and India.

Charitable eye clinics were held for the first time with the support of the Ministries in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Thailand, and Uzbekistan.

According to Taras Sen, this year the CITA Ministries plans to strengthen the already existing ministries in different countries of the world – Africa, ten Asian countries and three Latin American countries. Negotiations are underway with other countries where the Ministries has not yet worked.

If the war ends this year, the Christ is the Answer missionaries are going to devote a lot of time to helping people in the de-occupied Donbas.

The Christ is the Answer ministries is developing ministry in 12 regions of Ukraine and more than 15 countries around the world.

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