One of the important ministries of CITA is chaplains’ ministry and evangelism in prisons for women, men and minors. Missionaries visit the prisoners, share God’s Word with them, bring spiritual literature and humanitarian aid, and pray with them. It brings us joy to see how in some prisons Christian communities are formed and believers gather regularly for worship and Bible study.

It is worth noting that some ministers know firsthand what it is like to live in bondage or in criminal world, because they themselves had such an experience before they came to faith in Christ. Their changed lives are the most effective evidence of God’s miracles and His love, which gives hope for a new life.

Thousands of people are released from prisons every year. Unfortunately, after many years spent behind bars they forget what it means to live in freedom. Usually, if a prisoner has served his term in prison once, very often he ends up there again. In addition to the “post-prison syndrome” with subsequent negative consequences (distrust of others, difficulties in establishing relationships and making decisions), many go back to the familiar criminal environment. Only Jesus Christ can completely change their thinking and behavior, help them to get rid of negative background of their past experience. Through the ministry of our missionary chaplains, prisoners and those who have been released, who came to Christ, now can start a new life without crimes, drugs or alcohol. They get families, jobs, ministry in the church, and a purpose in life.