“Christ is the answer” Ministries believes in partnership and therefore cooperates with various missions that bring Good News to people in different parts of the world.

For several years, CITA has supported the ministry of Zamu Mission in Mombasa, Kenya, founded by a Ukrainian missionary Inna Podgaina.
Mombasa is a modern analogue of biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah: drugs, prostitution, domestic violence, polygamy. From generation to generation, children from a very early age have to survive in the midst of difficult conditions of a morally decaying society.
The team of Zamu Mission serves children and youth in Mombasa schools, has a ministry to women, organizes family meetings, home groups and camps for children. They also develop youth ministry, work with the Center for Girls with Disabilities, and develop new ministers for missionary work in Mombasa and other cities in Kenya.

The team of Zamu Mission runs the “Happy & Holy” program, a three-month course that aims to share the message of Christ by addressing the pressing issues of the younger generation. Through this program they can reach more than 250 students each week.
The Zamu mission believes that as they impact worldview of the younger generation, the changes will come to the whole country.
You can find out more about ministry of ZAMU mission by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.