“Go and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19)

Mission work is one of the main activities of CITA Ministries since our main goal is to evangelize and to bring salvation to people. Therefore, CITA supports missionaries who work in different cities and villages, who preach the Gospel in various ways, plant new churches, organize children’s clubs and Sunday schools.

We cooperate with pastors, Christian leaders and ministers who have dedicated their lives to this ministry and demonstrate God’s love for people through their deeds.

“Christ is the Answer” provides various tools for missionaries for their mission work: training programs, informational and material help. Through these resources, we help missionaries to be more effective in their ministry and to respond to emotional, spiritual and physical needs of people both in various regions of Ukraine and abroad.

Through spiritual, moral and material help of CITA Ministries, through missionaries’ mutual fellowship, our workers feel support and encouragement to move forward in their ministry, not giving up and overcoming all challenges. Missionaries feel that they are not alone in “God’s battlefield.”