“Christ is the Answer” Ministry has a goal of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. All projects and departments of the Ministry are directed toward evangelism. We use both classical and contemporary methods of communicating the Gospel. Our ministry in partnership with other churches or organizations conducts various evangelistic events (both one-time and regular events).

Good news through the media: TV programs, videos, newspapers, printed materials, social networks and Internet, various applications, billboards, outdoor advertisement.
Evangelistic events: festivals and celebrations, concerts, evangelistic tents, lectures in educational institutions, work with youth and children in clubs and summer camps.
Charity: helping the poor, orphans, widows, people with disabilities, single mothers, displaced persons, people from war zone, special needs and vulnerable groups people.
Social work: mobile eye clinics; ministry in prisons and hospitals, work with the homeless, feeding the hungry, distributing food packages.
Tools for evangelism: material, spiritual and resource support for missionaries.