CITA Arranges a Holiday for Children from Different Cities of Ukraine

CITA Arranges a Holiday for Children from Different Cities of Ukraine

To celebrate Children’s Day, CITA missionaries have arranged events for young residents of Ukraine, as well as their parents in Rivne, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Mykolaiv region.

What is the taste of childhood? Cotton candy and popcorn! What color is childhood? The colors of summer, the sun, cheerful songs and joy!

The Christ is the Answer missionaries have given three hours of peaceful life to the young residents of Rivne, arranging a real celebration of childhood together with the creative teams of the city who arranged fun activities to celebrate Children’s Day.

“Today’s event is devoted to Children’s Day, and together with the Christ is the Answer Church we have managed to make a holiday for children in these dark times! We have 36 artistic teams in the city, and we understand that, if artists rehearse a lot, but do not go out in public, they lose motivation for their activities. Once in three months, due to martial law, the children had a chance to perform for the audience. Thanks to this holiday, we were able to save our teams. And also, as Lina Kostenko wrote, “what allows you not to extinguish the spirit, if not songs created by singers?”, We became eyewitnesses of how people need moral support: people absorbed the performance of our artists, like the earth after rain. And this is not pathos. This is the good, smiles, dances, and songs! And how much joy there was when the slides were inflated and the trampolines were put up! And all this for free! It is only for three hours, but anyway we’ve arranged a peaceful life for the children of the city,” said Yuriy, artistic director of the city House of Arts in Rivne.

“I liked that everything was free! We performed, then ate cotton candy and jumped on trampolines! I wish there were more holidays like this!” Bohdana, 11 years old from Rivne.

“Our impressions are great! I really like your city, we have been living here for a month, and we have three children. This holiday has brought us joy. It is a joy to see happy children, to have the opportunity to show their talents. The holiday is organized really well,” said Tatyana from Kherson.

Treats, games, huge inflatable slides: local children and temporarily displaced children, and their parents had a carefree and fun time on the Philharmonic Square in Chernivtsi, forgetting about the war for a while.

CITA missionaries, who are temporarily displaced from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and other missionaries who have organized the celebration, say that they wanted to tell the children about God’s love and show that there is One who loves them very much.
“Our task at the kid’s holiday was to remind every child that he or she is special, because that is how God created everyone special!” – said Andriy Vasenda, CITA missionary who organized the celebration of Children’s Day in Ternopil.

An informative and exciting quiz and such desired gifts for correct answers: missionaries in a playful way shared the Gospel with a hundred children who came to the celebration and delighted them with pleasant surprises!

The celebration ended with a tea party with cookies for all the special guests!

In the Mykolaiv region, in the village of Dilnyche, on Children’s Day, the Christ is the Answer missionaries organized a sports ground where two teams competed in relay races. The program also included “Biblical truth”! Everyone received tons of ​​​​positive emotions and gifts!
A children’s mentor, but rather a friend for local children, Raisa has been serving in Dilnyche for almost 20 years. The children she mentored are bringing their own children to the children’s events now, and through God’s love for children, their parents also turn to God.
“I went to Sunday school from the age of 11, and now I brought my child, who is excited about the celebration! And in general, all children are drawn here!”-said Anya, a resident in Dilnyche.

“Children get a lot of interesting and useful things at such events. Here children are taught how to live, they receive a lot of practical knowledge, skills, a lot of positive emotions, and they enjoy life! Children run to such gatherings as if home, because they feel comfortable here! I am very grateful to the organizers for such events,” – says Svetlana, a mother and a teacher at a school in Dilnyche who recently began attending church.

Children’s outreach is one of the Ministries projects. CITA missionaries in different cities and villages organize children’s sports and entertainment events. These are playgrounds with trampolines and slides for children of all ages. During these events, children learn about Jesus Christ, make new friends, come to Sunday school, and then bring their parents to church.

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