The «Christ is the answer» church in Rivne celebrated the 5th anniversary

The «Christ is the answer» church in Rivne celebrated the 5th anniversary

The «Christ is the answer» church  celebrated another anniversary: five years have passed since its doors were opened for the residents of Rivne. To sum up the results of many years of service and to thank God for His abundant blessings, the ministers held festive meetings for two days. Ministers from various christian communities were invited to congratulate the church, to thank it for its evangelistic work, to bear witness and to preach.






On the first day, the participants of the celebration gathered in a warm company at the festive table: they remembered their way, watched videos about the activities of the church, played games, and then finished the evening with a traditional fireworks display.

«There was such a friendly atmosphere that hearts were filled with love for their neighbors from the testimonies of people who serve God» - Veniamin, deacon of the «The Word of Truth» church, the city of Brody.

On the next day, the ministers organized a meeting, which was attended by about 200 people. Pastors from other churches, christian singers, children from Sunday school, a musical worship group - everyone participated in the service. The video about the life of the community for 5 years left a warm mark in the hearts of those present.


Pastor Taras Sen presented certificates, gratitudes and gifts to those who actively served and built the church throughout 2020. Jesus Christ, as the pastor noted, will distribute rewards to those who have worked for the Lord, and we take an example from Him.

«I like this church – a church that is expanding, that has love in it. I wish you to continue to grow spiritually, to love non-believers, to work in God's vineyard and not to lose heart in any way» - Vasyl Sribnyuk, pastor of the church in the village of Oleksandria, presbyter of the Baptist brotherhood of the Rivne region.

In 2016, the church was created literally «from scratch». Every day, the members of the community made a lot of efforts to make several services function today: Sunday school, worship group, teen, youth, sisterhood, fraternal, and family services, and home groups.


Over these five years, more than 4,000 TV programs have aired on various Ukrainian TV channels. In the city of Rivne, the volunteers distributed about 1 million christian newspapers, 300 thousand calendars and many other literature. More than 20 tourist trips to the Carpathians helped several hundred people discover new horizons, find friends and learn about God's love. In addition to trips to the mountains, the ministers organized more than 10 camps in Rivne, more than 100 children's evangelizations and other events. About 4 thousand people received glasses for free and had their eyesight checked by an ophthalmologist during ophthalmology clinics. Pastor Taras Sen gave many lectures on moral, ethical, and religious topics in various educational institutions – universities, colleges, and schools , bringing the Gospel to young people.

«I wish the church to maintain the pace that has already been set, to show an example of work in the field of God, to reach new heights and to show His power in service, so that God acts in all His beauty» – Valentyn Radchenko, evangelist, the city of Rivne.

The christian community held many charitable and spiritual events in the frontline cities of Donbass. More than 200 billboards with christian slogans were installed along the streets of the city of Rivne. Thanks to the efforts of the church members, a large number of people in need received food packages and other assistance.

«It's incredible when you walk through a city and see billboards, see the Word of God being proclaimed to people. I wish that Christ, strong and active, would work more through this community, so that this church could reach even more people, more geographical places. Blessings, inspiration, wisdom and love to win over people who do not yet know Jesus» - Oleksandr Shcherbuk, missionary in Cambodia.

We could see and feel the grace of God at the meeting: some of those present repented and accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts. And after the service, the communication continued over hot tea and treats - the participants of the holiday thanked God for all the people who are working on the spiritual growth of the church.

«We have come a long way in five years. We have seen many miracles of God, answers to prayers. We have seen how the Lord has helped in various evangelizations and charity events. Thousands of people have heard the Word of God, and many have been warmed by the kindness of our brothers and sisters. We thank the team and all those who pray, work and donate money to conduct the services in the name of the Lord» - Taras Sen, Pastor of the «Christ is the Answer» church.


The purpose of the ministers of the «Christ is the Answer» community  is to spread the Gospel even more, to help people find salvation, to glorify the Name of God. Therefore, the plans for the near future are the same as yesterday, and a year ago: to organize charity events in different spheres of life of the residents of the city of Rivne.


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