Hospital Ministry

Joyous Moments in the Midst of Hardship

These days, it is increasingly emotionally hard and financially expensive to be sick. Missionaries visit sick people at their homes and in hospitals in order to support them, help them financially, and most importantly – tell them about the love of Christ. Additionally, we take care of the patients and even provide them with medical aid. Diapers, underpads, crutches, and wheelchairs – these are some of the items that we have already helped provide to those who are unable to afford them. The most joyous moments in this service is when people get better right in front of your eyes, or when their test results come back normal. This is what we pray about together with them.

Hospital Ministry

Eyeglass Clinics

In Rivne, we hold free eyeglass clinics. On one hand, we help people solve their health related problems, and on the other hand, we tell them about Christ. We invite an ophthalmologist who diagnoses people and gives them free glasses.

The people in these photos are not fighting alone in their sicknesses.


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