Children's Ministry

A Strong Foothold for the Future Generation

Kids are our future; therefore, we want them to gain a strong foothold from an early age. Each Sunday, our team members give Bible lessons in their churches and visit neighboring villages for the same purpose. This is a great time for children to find new friends and to gain new knowledge. We organize sleepaway and day camps in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, and Ternopil, where kids spend all of their free time in the summer. Their days are very busy: missionaries play sports games with them, do handcrafts, hold Bible lessons and sing with the children. Clubs for children and teenagers are held every Tuesday in Nova Odesa. During the meetings children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, abilities, and skills, as well as have a platform for self-expression. In a similar program, we visit orphanages and a Kindergarten. We also do our best to regularly visit disabled children at their homes and devote attention to them with an understanding to their needs and abilities.

Children's Ministry

Focusing on Children

It is much easier to accept Christ into your life during childhood than it is in adult years, when your mind is full of doubts and prejudices. This is why we try to make the most out of every service for children.

We can’t keep ourselves from not sharing the bright smiles of the kids.


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