Our Church

We passionately want to open new churches, and we do it where it is possible. We pride ourselves in the “Christ is the answer” church in Rivne, but we also hold small meetings in the villages. For now, we put all of our efforts into the worship services, preparing and holding home groups, and visiting church members who cannot come to the services themselves. However, pastoral counseling remains our priority.


Home Groups

To strengthen ourselves during the week, we hold home groups throughout the week. For example, in Mykolaiv, we organized a home group for teenagers that is called “Home”. Not only does it promote unity with the youth, but it also serves as a platform for self-expression. The church is a place for us to grow; it is our home, and therefore, we want everyone to have access to it.

Christ is the answer church in Rovno, and our home groups that gather in other regions in Ukraine.


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